You need to create a schedule for eating and going outside. This will help your puppy establish a good routine and habit. During the training period, if you are going to be away for longer than 4 hours, you might want to make arrangements for someone to come in and take the puppy out. Of course, the ideal thing would be to have someone home all day long.

A typical schedule for house training:

1. First thing in the morning, the puppy is taken outside.

2. Puppy is taken outside after each meal.

3. Every hour on the hour.

4. Last thing right before bedtime.

5. During the night. Some puppies will probably need to relieve themselves once during the night. Placing the crate in your bedroom will help you hear the puppy get restless which can be a sign of needing to go outside.

When taking your puppy outside, always place him on a leash. This will allow you to walk him to the spot where you want him to eliminate. When your puppy eliminates outside, lots of praise. Also, praise during the act and make a big deal out of it when he is done. If you like, you can give them a piece of food after they have finished. However, if your puppy stops in the middle, then wait until he is done to praise.


Establishing a good feeding and drinking schedule will make your house training easier. Place the food and water down for 15-20 minutes. When that time is up, remove food even if he is not done. You may want to remove water a few hours before bedtime to help get the puppy through the night without the need to potty.

After each meal, take your puppy outside to eliminate. If after 10 minutes, your puppy has not done so, come in and crate for 10 minutes. Remember to praise. Once the 10 minutes are up, go outside for elimination again. Continue this procedure until your puppy has done so. Praise your puppy during and after elimination. If praising during elimination makes him stop, then wait until he is done and then praise. After elimination has been completed, your puppy can romp around and play for the next hour until he is taken out again. Remember to keep on eye on him at all times.


Your puppy will give you signals that he needs to eliminate. It is up to you to learn these signs and watch his behavior. Most common signs include restlessness, sniffing, circling and whimpering. If your puppy starts to show signs of needing to go out or squats, quickly take him outside. Praise and treat him when he finishes.


Be patient with your puppy. Accidents will happen, especially in the beginning of your training. If an accident occurs in the house or in the crate and you did not see it happen, do not punish the puppy after the fact. You will find this to be futile. Dogs can not put together what was done in the past and the punishment you are now giving. Simply clean the spot up and apply a neutralizer or 50% vinegar to water to the soiled area. This should keep the puppy from establishing a certain spot as his favorite place to eliminate. Never let your puppy watch you clean up after them. Place him outside or in his crate. Most puppies who watch you clean up after them, take it as a positive reinforcement instead of a negative one. If an accident like this has occurred then you are most likely not supervising as closely as you should be. Get to know your puppy and how long and far you can or can not go with him. Every mishap that happens more than two times in a row could delay your house training by approximately two weeks.

Last but not least, have fun and enjoy your puppy.

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