By Snoop Dog Snoop

I attended one of the Hunte Corporation “Breeders Discussions”. Regrettably, it was well attended. They passed out a slick polished booklet about their operation with pretty pictures of kids, puppies and smiling employees. There was also a folder of forms and instructions. They had a video running on a big screen TV that was the same as the booklet. Everything has a religious theme behind it. With the fish symbol enclosing the word Jesus. This is depicted on their literature, the video, on their clothes, etc. They seem to flaunt this as making what they do right.

The meeting was run by Andrew Hunte, CEO. I think his evangelistic background helps in the success of this business.

The meeting started out with mention of the Puppy Protection Act as NOT part of the Farm Bill. He encouraged phone calls, e-mail and faxes to politicians; this is a big industry serving the needs of the people. He went on saying that they only accept AKC registrations that are NOT limited, they must be full registrations, alternate registrations and some non registered such as cock-a-poos. This makes me wonder, as most are sold as pets, why not limited registration? Also they will help you, the commercial breeder acquire the breeding stock you need. This puts up a BIG FLAG! Be cautious when placing your retired Champions, spay or neuter them before placement. Hunte pays bonuses for puppies out of Champions. The breeders can ship puppies at 56 days after birth. They provide the health certificates.

They accept new puppies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and have cleared out all the puppies from the previous week by Monday. Then they steam clean the entire facility to ready it for the next batch. During the week the puppies are there they are isolated from each other, given baths, health checks, maintained to avoid stress diarrhea with drugs if necessary. They are given shots, micro chipped and groomed. All in this week. They are fed individually in their cages and watered. The waste goes thru the bottom and is disposed of. They are handled by caring employees during that week. This is stressed very highly.

They are big on being politically correct. They are not puppy mills, but High Volume Breeders, the puppies are not raised on wire but suspended floors, and so on adnauseam.

They have all sorts of bonuses. There is a $10 per pup bonus for OFA hips on each side, $5 per champion in the first 4 generations. The prices of the puppies fluctuate with the supply and demand. Right now there is a $10 bonus for puppies brought in with AKC papers in hand. They reimburse you for your DNA testing by giving you a $5 credit for the first 8 puppies. There is currently a $50 bonus for new breeders. You can also earn an early booking bonus of $30 by booking your litter before a week. They do not accept puppies with heart murmurs, patella problems or hip dysplasia. Although I do not know how they can determine HD at 8 wks. They also expect min pin and mini schnauzer puppies to come with ears cropped and HEALED. They will accept under bites of 1/8 inch in small breeds and 1/4 inch in large breeds.

The top dogs listed for 2002 were: Bull Terriers, Bulldogs, Papillion’s, Brussels Griffon, Maltese and Yorkies. They want Yorkies to be 1.7 to 2 lbs. at 8 wks.

They want to see the entire litter and grade them. They only reject about 1% of the puppies brought to them. Ones that do not make the grade can either be put in their “B” program and they will pay 70% for them. They also have a program for the rejects where they will pay 60 cents on the dollar. There are pick up stations thru out the area to make it easier on the breeders. They will take the puppies and transport them to the facility headquarters.

They also tout their support and education thru local chapters, give money to good causes by and for the Professional and Commercial breeder. They will be holding a breeders seminar at their corporate headquarters on Sept. 21, 2002. Last year’s was well attended by 1100 of their breeders. They even provided lunch for attendees. There is a check off on their form for $1/puppy. This goes to support legislation and education.

They are saying the AKC is aligned with them and the breed clubs and rescue groups are being pitted against each other. They are counting on this for them to use against us. They are gaining confidence and winning. We cannot let them win this war. They also touted Ms. Denny Kodner and Kodner’s Corner at Dog News. Com.

With this info in hand, I hope and pray we can fight back and WIN. We need to do this for our beloved breeds now and in the future. Be cautious when dealing with puppy buyers as some may not me who they appear. Also be extra careful in placing your older adults and retired champions and other titled dogs. Spay and neuter them if they are not to be used as breeding stock.